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Due to the significant increase in awareness of wildlife during the pandemic, the demand for the rehabilitation of wild animals has rocketed since March last year. WRI has responded by creating an interim Emergency Wildlife Hospital which is situated at Garlow Cross in Co. Meath.

Latest Wildlife Hospital News

This week at the wildlife hospital we had a visit from the Garden Committee at St Anne’s Primary School, Navan.     

We believe that people of all ages and backgrounds should have the chance to learn about our native wildlife and the natural world.

By ensuring people of all ages and backgrounds have access to and education in, the natural world, we can improve mental and physical wellbeing and safeguard the future environment. By learning about the natural world, people are far more likely to take better care of it.

We need to take the opportunity to ensure that the next generation (and current generations) nurture a connection to wildlife and encourage current generations to lessen their impact on our natural world. Hence, it remains a place of beauty for all to live in and enjoy.

Our talks cater for both primary and secondary schools, as well as community groups. If you would like us to visit you for a talk or book an online talk, you can email education@wri.ie.

We are in the process of creating an Education Centre here at the Wildlife Hospital, which we hope to open to the public very soon.

Watch this space!

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The Hospital

Thousands of injured and orphaned wildlife casualties are in need of rescue and rehabilitation every year. They are nurtured back to health here in the WRI Wildlife Hospital.                                             

The new Wildlife Hospital has:

  • EXPERTISE and capacity to care for and rehabilitate all native wildlife species. Fully trained staff to look after the hospital, animals, and provide on-site education and training for interns.
  • ACCOMMODATION to house all the wildlife undergoing rehabilitation:- aviaries, barns, enclosures, pools etc! Onsite accommodation for both national and international volunteers
  • SUPPORT SYSTEM in place to facilitate the involvement of the local community and social partnerships. Onsite volunteer opportunities for facility maintenance and construction of wildlife housing.                                       

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The Wildlife

Our native wildlife is under pressure. We see all species come through the hospital with a range of injuries and illness, from road traffic accidents to cat attacks.

Our main focus will always be to:

  • RESCUE an injured, sick or orphaned animal using our nationwide team of volunteers.
  • REHABILITATE these animals with fair and ethical treatment while determining their chances of recovery and subsequent survival in the wild.
  • RETURN any wild animal, once fit enough, to the area where they were found. This is extremely important for the biodiversity of that area, as each creature has an important part to play in the delicate ecosystem. The increased professionalism in wildlife care will give injured animals the best chance of survival once returned back into the wild.

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The Future

With the appropriate funds, we envision an exciting, unique, fun, and educational experience for visitors to the WRI Wildlife Hospital!                                        

We will offer:

  • EDUCATION about wildlife rehabilitation through real-life stories about the patients and from the staff. What you can do to help conserve Ireland’s native species.
  • CONNECTION with wildlife rescues, recuperating patients and day to day life at the hospital through the use of specially designed hides, one-way glass, CCTV and more.
  • EXPERIENCE the patients in the hospital change as they recover and are released and as the patient species, types change with the changing seasons of the year.
  • DISCOVER what we do, and what you can do to help conserve Ireland’s native species.

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In Ireland, there is no national organisation responsible for the rescue and rehabilitation of all types of wildlife species.

Instead, there are various individuals and organisations around the country that either rescue specific species or rehabilitate whatever casualties come their way.

In the UK the RSPCA cares for domestic animals but also has 4 dedicated wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centres, and the Scottish SPCA also has 1 solely dedicated to wild animals. In 2014, in excess of 16,000 wild animals – anything from sparrows to seals – were treated by the RSPCA’s four wildlife centres. In addition, there are roughly in excess of 700 establishments throughout England and Wales dealing with up to half a million wildlife casualties a year.

In Ireland, the ISPCA and other national SPCA’s care for all animals but their focus is on domestic species and as a result, they have very limited resources for the rehabilitation of wildlife.

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