Welcome to Irelands First Wildlife Hospital

Please follow our journey as we create our first dedicated Wildlife Hospital in Ireland

Due to the significant increase in awareness of wildlife during the pandemic, the demand for the rehabilitation of wild animals has rocketed since March last year. WRI has responded by creating an interim Emergency Wildlife Hospital which is situated at Garlow Cross in Co. Meath.

We Need Your Help

We need your help to build this Wildlife Hospital. We need it because Ireland’s wildlife is in trouble, many species are struggling to survive, some are becoming extinct. The wildlife we have need all the help we can give.

The new Wildlife Hospital will have:

  • The facility, expertise and capacity to care for and rehabilitate all native wildlife species.
  • A visitor and an education centre with shop, café, playground and exhibition area.
  • Paid staff to look after the hospital, animals, and provide on-site education and training.
  • Onsite accommodation for up to sixteen International volunteers/interns, and researchers.
  • The support system in place to facilitate involvement of the local community and social partner clients with a workshop for both facility maintenance and construction of wildlife-related items:- bird boxes, hedgehog houses, animal enclosures.
  • Fully equipped library, laboratory, offices, storerooms, multi-purpose meeting and classrooms, and an audio-visual conference room for hosting large events.
  • Accommodation to house all the wildlife undergoing rehabilitation:- aviaries, barns, enclosures, pools etc!
  • Viewing facilities for visitors:- hides, covered walkways, discreet one-way glass viewing areas, CCTV and more

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In Ireland, there is no national organisation responsible for the rescue and rehabilitation of all types of wildlife species.

Instead, there are various individuals and organisations around the country that either rescue specific species or rehabilitate whatever casualties come their way.

In the UK the RSPCA cares for domestic animals but also has 4 dedicated wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centres, and the Scottish SPCA also has 1 solely dedicated to wild animals. In 2014, in excess of 16,000 wild animals – anything from sparrows to seals – were treated by the RSPCA’s four wildlife centres. In addition, there are roughly in excess of 700 establishments throughout England and Wales dealing with up to half a million wildlife casualties a year.

In Ireland, the ISPCA and other national SPCA’s care for all animals but their focus is on domestic species and as a result, they have very limited resources for the rehabilitation of wildlife.