Plans to Establish Ireland’s First Wildlife Rehabilitation and Teaching Hospital

Rebecca Doyle -

March 7, 2017 Rebecca Doyle

Plans are unfolding to open an All-Ireland wildlife rehabilitation and teaching hospital; the first of its kind in the country. The hospital will have the facility, expertise and capacity to care for and rehabilitate Ireland’s native wildlife.

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Vets treat wild animals as well as domestic pets

Pete Wedderburn - Irish Independent

Pete Wedderburn – Animal Doctor | June 18 2016 12:00 AM

Most visitors to our veterinary practice are curious about the selection of animals in our hospital wards. Most of our patients are cats (in our cat-only ward) and dogs, but as well as the various pets, there is often an extra type of patient that often surprises people: wild animals.

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The dark side of Ireland’s relationship with its wildlife

Rita de Brún - Irish Examiner – Thu, 16 Mar, 2017 – 00:00

Ireland is not a safe place for wildlife but, if we wish, we can play an active role in aiding creatures in need, writes Rita de Brún.

We think we love them; perhaps because what’s wild and free enthrals us.

Like unexpectedly glimpsing a set of antlers, half-camouflaged among trees in a shaded wood, it’s thrilling to hear the startling screech of a black-eyed barn owl drenching the night with mystery; exciting to spy a pair of long ears above the uncut grass of an Irish meadow; the only visible sign of a hare, happily hopping about its business.

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