We believe that people of all ages and backgrounds should have the chance to learn about our native wildlife and the natural world. 

By ensuring people of all ages and backgrounds have access to and education in, the natural world, we can improve mental and physical wellbeing and safeguard the future environment. By learning about the natural world, people are far more likely to take better care of it.

We need to take the opportunity to ensure that the next generation (and current generations) nurture a connection to wildlife and encourage current generations to lessen their impact on our natural world. Hence, it remains a place of beauty for all to live in and enjoy.

Our talks cater for both primary and secondary schools, as well as community groups. If you would like us to visit you for a talk or book an online talk, you can email

We are in the process of creating an Education Centre here at the Wildlife Hospital, which we hope to open to the public very soon.

Watch this space!